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Why avoid ad banners?
  • Ad banners waste bandwith

  • Most ad banners are for already well known sites

  • If they are animated, they take more system resources

  • They are generally unrelated to the site you're currently viewing

  • Banners can load before legitamite graphics, wasting more time

  • If banners are in a table and not referenced properly, they hold up the drawing of the entire web page

  • They detract from the appearance of the web site

  • Some ad servers are REALLY slow

  • Quite simply they become annoying

  • You stop the loop by not loading ad banners

      The loop?

      Yes, webmasters include ad banners to get exposures for their site. By not loading their banners they won't gain exposures on other sites, therefore they'll get angry that their banner isn't being shown elsewhere. After awhile they'll decide it isn't worth being in the ad banner program.

    Most of these reasons really only apply if you have low bandwith (ie. a modem). If you have college ethernet it really doesn't make a difference if you load another 5K off the network. But for us poor modem people it really slows things down.