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Welcome to the anti-banner site!
This site is no longer actively maintained and should only be considered a reference.

This site is dedicated to trying to rid the internet of banner advertising. This is an essentially pointless endeavor, being that new advertising sites probably pop up weekly.
There are many reasons to try and get rid of internet advertising, even if just on your local computer. If you want real-world reasons why to avoid the ads, please visit the "Why?" pages. Otherwise, go ahead and jump right in to setting up your computer to be ad-free!
So why was this site originally made? Well it just so happens that the webmaster of is "stuck" with the awesome power of a 33.6 modem. Some web designers apparently think that all modem people are gone, replaced by ethernet and cable modems. Well come back to reality! The vast majority of internet users are on modems and don't appreciate downloading stupid advertisements. doesn't support banner advertising and will never have a banner on any of its pages.
Just follow the dragon to ad free surfing!