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Hosts file updates
Here you can get the latest hosts file that blocks bannersites. A few points of caution, however:

  • You need to make sure you copy any custom entries (such as your local LAN) that already exist in your hosts file before copying this one overtop.

  • Please realize that the blocking of an ad banner server is a subjective process, and you may not always agree with the choices we make. Please double-check new additions at the end of the hosts file.

  • assumes no responsibility whatsoever if you accidentally destroy your computer using this method.
The hosts file was last updated [an error occurred while processing this directive] and contains [an error occurred while processing this directive] entries.

I understand the above, and wish to download the file.

You will need to rename this file to "hosts" (no file extension), and place it in the appropiate directory for your operating system (C:\Windows or C:\WinNT).