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Frequently asked questions
I just followed your instructions and visited a banner page, but it took really long?
    You may need to actually start the web server. From the start menu select programs, then startup, then tiny.

I found a banner site, submitted it to be evaluated and was told it's already in the database. I downloaded the new hosts file, but the banner still appears. What's up?
    Windows caches hostnames to make browsing faster. You'll need to wait for a little while or reboot for the changes to take affect.
HEY! That's MY bannersite you are blocking. What is your problem?
    My problem is you spewing your senseless advertisements across the internet. Next question.
Can I use the hosts file for anything else?
    Sure, you can use it to reference sites you visit often. For example you put the line dd # Quick Reference
    in your hosts file, and then "http://dd/banners/" in your browser to get to this site.
I found a host in the hosts file that isn't a banner site. What can I do?