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Well, great. Now you've got this brilliant web page from DataDragon Information Services, but where are you going to put it?

On the Internet there are 4 main ways to host a web page.
    (In terms of increasing cost)

  • Local ISP Hosting
      Many Internet providers offer free space to their customers. The only problem with the service is that your web address would probably be something long like It's a nuisance to put on business cards, and customers can easily mispell it.
  • Sub-Hosting
      Companies like DataDragon can provide you with an easier to remember URL such as It's easier for your customers to remember, and generally has value-added services such as use of CGI Scripts and email options.
  • Virtual Domain Hosting
      Probably the best option for the small-business is the use of a virtual domain hosting. V-Hosting (as its called) allows you to rent web server space from some one else. As a benefit you can usually get your own domain name, so that your web address would be
  • Dedicated Connection
      The most expensive of the options is to set up your own computer as a web server and get a dedicated connection to the Internet. You get the ultimate control over everything that happens, but at a cost generally too high for most small businesses.

DataDragon can help set you up with the middle two options (Sub-Hosting and V-Hosting). Contact us for more information and pricing.
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