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RealAudio Redirector

In Short:

This is a very simple script which creates a "pseudo RAM file", which means you don't have to waste your time updating those pesky little files.


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Move all you RealAudio files to one directory. Edit the script to reflect that directory ($radir). If you have a RealAudio Server running, change the http:// to pnm:// for RA Server streaming, otherwise leave it as it is for HTTP streaming. Upload the script in ASCII mode to your server and chmod it 775. To use the script just use the location, and depending on what you specified the RealAudio player will either HTTP or PNM stream it.


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"By downloading this script I agree to indemnify DataDragon Information Services from any damage that could be done by this script. In other words, it's my own tough cookies if this script wreaks havok on my web server."


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