How Does This Work?

This Day in Music History has several components which make it work.

The CGI script runs on the web server itself. The main script takes care of presenting the main page, template retrieval/parsing, searching the databases for a certain day, hit statistics and various administrative tasks. Along with this script are and which handle retrieving/creating the detail records and accepting user submissions, respectively.

The databases are separated by month and contain dyanamic IDs which reference all the templates, detail records and other variables. The databases are generated on a Windows machine and have a multitude of support scripts including (parse events), (make index) and (link the lists). The database creation is automated for the most part, requiring only a single command to build.

The raw information is spidered off the web via a Perl script. That saved information is then looked at by a human and a pattern is ascertained. That pattern is fed into another Perl script which extracts the data, formats it and saves it to a temporary list. That information is then copied in to the main databases by

If you'd like something similiar to this on your website, email the webmaster to discuss a consultation.

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