The Sources

Leo Music ArchivesMost of the Birthdays
OperaGlassAll of the French Operas
Really Useful Theatre CompanyOpening nights of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals
Number One Hits (Currently Offline)The chart listings
Super BPM ChartsMore chart listings
Musicals Database (Currently Offline)Opening nights of other well-known musicals
Composer Birth/Death DatabaseListing of composer birthdates
The Works of Ludwig van BeethovenThe dates of Beethoven's performances
George Frideric HandelPerformances of Handel's compositions
Gilbert and Sullivan OperasPerformances dates of G&S operas
Marcos J. Montes Date ArchivesFor date algorithms
Andrew's Summary of US HolidaysFormulas for common holidays
Musicals.netFor all the links for the Broadway Shows
Ultimate Band ListFor all the links for the Chart Toppers
On Broadway WWW Info PageOpenings and closing of more Broadway Shows

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