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Topic: TOP 15 jewelry trends 2021
From the Music Questions forum.

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AuthorTopic:   TOP 15 jewelry trends 2021
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posted: 1/5/2021 at 10:10:44 AM ET
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Fashion Valey - The Leading online store in Pakistan

Going out without a nice jewelry set is a real no-go for many women! It completes your outfit and your look and in many cases is even the finishing touch! Although a 'new year, new me' is actually mainly about good resolutions, a few new jewelries to add to your collection can also be a very good one! Due to the wide range of trends, it can sometimes be difficult to make the right choices regarding nice jewelry.

In the next blog, we will share the most beautiful jewelry trends 2020 with you. Then you know exactly with which jewelry you are completely on trend and steal the show. After reading these top 15, you are in the right place with your next jewelry purchases! Curious about your favorite trend? 1. Earcuffs Do you like the piercings

1 - But don't you have one? Then earmuffs could be the solution for you! You can wear ear cuffs as a fake piercing and you do not need an extra hole for that. Earcuffs were first seen in the 90s and have returned as one of the trendiest jewelry of 2020. My Unique Style has a lot of choices! The range is often renewed and bestsellers are regularly replenished! We know that a woman wants to stand out with the nicest jewelry and - really - an ear cuff does that! What you need to know is that you can easily put in an ear cuff and that they are nice to wear. They are available in different shapes and sizes, such as a gold ear cuff, a silver ear cuff, or an ear cuff with beautiful zirconia stones. A cool earcandy is completely the trend and what could be more fun to give this the finishing touch with an ear cuff? Not quite over yet? Be sure to take a look at our range of ear cuffs to get a lot of inspiration!

2. Chokers
Just like the ear cuffs, the ' chokers ' were also very hot in the 90s. And with success, it turns out, because they are now completely back! Actually, a choker is a short necklace that is quite tight around your neck. In the 90s you mainly saw the black cords (sometimes with a pendant) that were worn a lot. Nowadays, chokers see precisely in silver or gold variants. These are slightly more feminine and elegant and can perfectly serve as a starting point for a beautiful layer combination (create different layers with your necklaces). A trend that you can read more extensively below.

Chokers can be found in different styles and materials. At My Unique Style, we mainly have the separation of golden chokers and silver chokers. Within this variation, it is entirely up to you what you are really looking for and what you want to combine the choker with. For a minimalist layer combination, you might also be looking for a simple choker. Then go for a choker without too much fuss and then only choose a necklace. If you want to make your short necklace stand out more, take a look at the chokers that use nice charms or coins . That gives just a tougher and more striking effect!

Chokers have been seen a lot in recent fashion couture weeks during shows by Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Antonia Marras and Saint Laurent.

3. Distinctive pendants and necklaces

Although small and minimalist necklaces are of course very beautiful and trendy, it is wonderful to occasionally unpack with a beautiful statement piece of jewelry. And which piece of jewelry can do that better than a necklace ?! Do you like to stand out with your jewelry and perhaps also your clothes, then you can certainly enjoy this trend. One of the trends of 2020, so this is completely your style .. Happy you!

There are many impressive designs that are a real eye-catcher for different occasions. At My Unique Style, we are also completely turned around with regard to this trend! Especially the necklaces with beautiful gemstone pendants are our favorite!

And don't forget, a pronounced necklace is a very good basis for a nice layer if you want to wear several necklaces. Choose simple variants and your look is completely finished in no time.

4. Single earrings

The fact that you have to wear the same thing in both ears is long gone! What you see a lot nowadays is that you can vary a lot and thus give both ears their own look. It is absolutely no longer necessary to perfectly match both ears with exactly the same earrings.

The nice thing is that you can also see this in the jewelry trends of 2020. Nowadays you can shop a few earrings more and more. In this way you can give free rein to your own inspiration and, moreover, everything in this area is possible and allowed. Do you like to wear a very striking earring in one ear and not in the other? Go for it! Super trendy and unique. This trend is also great for women with multiple holes, because sometimes you just want to exchange 1 earring for something new. Then it is very nice that you have an earrings collection that allows this. Those single earrings can therefore be the outcome in your most beautiful creations!

5. Layer necklaces

It may of course be the case that wearing statement necklaces is not quite your thing and does not suit you. If you still like minimalist jewelry and small pendants then there is certainly no problem. A multilayer necklace might be something for you! Instead of wearing just a minimalist necklace , several subtle necklaces are combined.

6. Large chain chains

The trend that you will also see a lot in 2020 are chains with large links. Where it previously had to be nice and delicate, it is now just the opposite. Coarse links to combine with other chains. Do not be afraid of these links and do not think that you cannot combine them with the finer chains. This is very good! Also when it comes to layering, it's all about your taste and style. Nothing is right or wrong and that is just so much fun. With a chain, there are endless possibilities in terms of combinations. So do that too!

7. Different rings on one hand

Don't you think one or two rings on your hand is enough? Lucky you, because the latest trend in rings also thinks this is far too little! You can say in this trend: the more, the better! You can think of the nicest minimalist ring sets where you combine fine rings with each other. However, you can also wear very striking boho rings to create your style. Combine gemstones with very striking other boho styles and don't forget your little finger and thumb. Really, this trend goes so far as to have a gorgeous ring for pretty much every finger. Of course the choice is always up to you how you want to wear this, but at My Unique Style, we love it. The boho rings are our favorite to make the most beautiful combos. With this trend, you can create your own combination and keep your hands looking their best.
8. Gemstone jewelry

Gemstones are stones with an effect and meaning. For example, did you know that the moonstone was used by the Greeks and Romans as a healing and protective stone? In addition to moonstone, there are other gemstones that each express something, there is also: labradorite, turquoise, rose quartz, onyx, opal, and amethyst. In addition to smooth gemstones, raw gemstones are also an important part of the trends for 2020! These gemstones are pure, straight from nature, and give a piece of jewelry a slightly tougher look than the 'normal' gemstones.

Gemstone jewelry are real eye-catchers, but above all provide a pleasant feeling when worn. We are very happy with this trend for 2020, because we cannot get enough of gemstones and their effect! Want to know more about the different gemstones?

9. Raw gemstones

If you have been following us for a while, you know that we are also very happy to include raw gemstones in our range. The idea that a gemstone is pure and comes straight from nature always affects us a lot. It is a unique stone that also has its own shape in terms of shape. The fact that we can make the most beautiful jewelry from it is beautiful and special .. You are wearing a piece of nature, so how special do you want it? The fact that you get a beautiful meaning and effect for free and for nothing is fantastic!
10. Earrings

Earrings. You can find them in all different shapes and sizes, so there is always something to suit you! Besides the fact that the size of the earring can play an important factor, there are many more elements that you can consider when wearing earrings. Consider, for example, pendants with a moon, star, or your own initial. Earrings are a good basis for any ear candy and you could say that they are almost indispensable for every ear candy lover. What's great about earrings is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes! To give a subtle effect to your ear candy, you can, for example, go for an 8-millimeter earring. For a striking look, perhaps larger earrings, such as our ' Double Love Earrings ', could be the perfect earrings for you.

11. Shell jewelry

Are you looking forward to summer so much? The nice weather and the light evenings, something we can only dream of now with this chilly weather. Fortunately, we can get in the mood this spring with all the nice shell jewelry. You can follow this trend subtly by wearing earrings, necklaces or bracelets with a small shell. Do you prefer something bigger? How about a nice anklet or a choker necklace?

12. Personal jewelry (self engraving)
You see the initials trend more and more! Giving a piece of jewelry a personal touch is not only great to wear yourself, but also a very nice gift to give away! So we understand very well why personal jewelry has now become the favorite piece of jewelry for many people. The meaning of your jewelry goes so much deeper and that makes wearing it special and unique. For example, you can put in a charm your own, or that of a loved one, initial, name, place or special date engraved. At My Unique Style, we engrave ourselves, so you don't have to wait for your personal jewelry. We like to engrave a special piece of jewelry that makes the wearer happy and gives a nice feeling. We put love into every piece of jewelry and in every design because we know - from experience - what a piece of jewelry can do and mean. Do you want your own design by the way? Please contact us and we are happy to think along with you.

13. Piercings An enduring trend if you ask us! The piercings! And no, it is not just the helix piercing that you will see in this trend. There will also be many new designs for your conch and tragus. Of course, this trend stems entirely from the earcandy hype that you see everywhere nowadays. Influencers and celebrities also like to show a well-filled ear, so a logical consequence than more extensive piercing collections that are offered. At My Unique Style, the focus has been on piercings for some time. We try to include the most elegant ear piercings in the range. Not too big and too coarse and with a refined touch so that it always matches the rest of your earrings.

14. Celestial jewelry (moon/star)
Celestial jewelry is jewelry with moons, stars, and suns. Besides looking great and cute, they often also have a meaning. For example, the moon symbolizes light, eternity, and femininity. The star, on the other hand, represents enlightenment and confidence. It is also very nice to combine these different symbols. For example, you can combine earrings with stars with a necklace with a pendant of the moon. Or like these nice moon star earrings, where you immediately combine the moon and the star in a set of earrings.

15. Mix & match jewelry Gold and silver go hand in hand with this trend. How nice is that? In any case, you no longer have to doubt whether you go for gold, silver, or rosé because a combination of these colors is completely in. How about a few silver bracelets and rings interspersed with some gold jewelry? This they were. All jewelry trends for 2020 at a glance. We have listed a number of them, which hopefully you can continue with all year round! Still, looking for new jewelry? Whether you are looking for silver gemstone rings or gold necklaces with pendants

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